Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Case images of birds exhibiting the physical symptoms of improper nutrition and corresponding images of the same birds showing marked progress eating Harrison’s Bird Foods.

GABI the African Grey was on a diet of seed-balls, seeds and various table foods. She developed an ongoing yeast problem and subsequently feather plucked herself. Gabi was put on Harrison’s by her avian veterinarian and immediately turned things around.
~Photo courtesy of The Scott family

RICA the Amazon Parrot recovered from being overweight and showing classic signs of improper nutrition poor (discolored and frayed) feather and quality while on a seed and tablefood diet.
She was in a constant state of molting. Rica’s improvements on Harrison’s are quite remarkable. 

VEGAN was solely on seeds and showing early signs of fatty liver disease. Recovering photo reveals dramatic improvements in beak and feather quality.
~Photo Courtesy Archonny Corner

LOGAN the cockatiel was suffering from poor feather quality with many broken feathers. She was given to new owners who weaned her to Harrison’s and she has improved dramatically.
~Photo Courtesy Archonny Corner


  1. What is the time lapse between these photographs? How long can one expect to notice physical changes like this in a bird from being on the Harrison's diet?

  2. Gabi's owners stated an amazing quick 4 months. Vegan and Logan were within a year. 8 months to a year is most likely but still dependent on how healthy the bird was prior to diet change, age, how carefully feeding directions are followed etc. If the formula is diluted out with a bunch of other items it may not be as effective. Hope this helps : -) Jean